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Above, Randy Silvers drives a slat-sided trap pulled by Zeus Top left,  Randy Silvers drives the full-size horse version of the slat-sided trap.


Randy Silvers inherited his first horse, Misty, from his late wife, Margie, when he was 38 years old. Neither he nor Margie knew that Misty had been a barrel racer, but when Randy entered her into competitions the horse proved she was a champion. "As long as I let Misty do what she knew best, she won. I was along from the ride," Randy says. "She showed me how much fun horses could be."

Years passed and another horse entered Randy’s life. "Cruiser was a Tennessee Walker – a very patient and wise horse," he says. "Like Misty, Cruiser was very forgiving." He was the perfect horse for a green driver.

"I always had been fascinated with carriages, and when I saw an ad in the paper for one I went to look at it," Randy says. He bought two even though he never had ridden in a carriage.

"Cruiser and I taught each other how to drive. When I made a mistake, he helped me correct it. He gave me a lot of confidence." Within a year, the two had gone professional. "I drove for a wedding," Randy says. "The only carriage I could use was a Meadowbrook. The couple had to straddle behind me to keep it balanced!"

Today Randy rides Belle, a Missouri Fox Trotter, and drives Byron and Sebastian, Morgans. "Horses and carriages are my passion," he says. "I enjoy riding and driving the horses, and I enjoy all aspects of restoring and building carriages."

His company, Tappahannock Carriages, specializes in the construction and restoration of new and antique carriages and sleighs for miniature and full-size horses. His work is totally custom and totally handcrafted. He planes the boards to the sizes needed and he welds and bends all of the metal work. Even the wheels, axles and shafts, which he orders, are handcrafted to his specifications.

Randy has been collecting carriages for more than a decade; the oldest carriage was built in 1880. As president of theJames River (Virginia) Driving Association, he takes great pleasure in helping others discover the fun and excitement that driving carriages can bring. "Buying my first carriage was a classic example of putting the cart before the horse," he says, "but it’s proven to have been a wise move."

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